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Robert Greenberg with Larry King and William Shatner

Robert Greenberg discusses his new OraTV show “Scandalous Overtures” on Larry King‘s “King’s Things” and William Shatner‘s “Brown Bag Wine Tasting.” Watch both of the interviews with these highly engaging hosts below: King’s Things: Brown Bag Wine Tasting: Scandalous Overtures

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A Day with OraTV

Monday was a fantastic day. I would beg your indulgence as I describe it. I will be forgiven upfront for namedropping as yesterday was about meeting some very special people. First things first. My wife Nanci was my boon companion from moment one. Nanci’s presence was a wise choice for any number of reasons, aside from the simple joy having my life-mate on my arm. Number one: I needed a built-in cheering squad. Number two: I needed a personal photographer who would document the events of the day. Number three: if I HADN’T asked Nanci to join me I would likely never heard the end of it, so . . . join me she did. We took a 7:55 flight out of Oakland (Oaktown) California, which put us in Burbank at 9 AM. We were picked up by Danielle, who was our driver-tour-guide-confidante-escort for the day. From the airport it was a hop-skip-and-jump to the Ora TV studios in Glendale. Once we arrived, I was “made up” and – when the time came – I sat down with Larry King and did my interview. A word, please. I have been interviewed many times: by the New York Times; by The […]

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Recording for OraTV — Just a few weeks away!

I spent the better part of last week working on background materials for my OraTV show “Conspiracies, Peccadilloes, and Dirty Little Secrets: Fun and Games With the Great Composers.” A chunk of time was spent finding and scanning visual images appropriate for the shows, images that will be projected behind me. The bulk of the week was spent planning for and video recording musical examples that will “accompany” the shows. For this we hired the superb pianist Lino Rivera and the indomitable (and inexhaustible) Alexander String Quartet. We recorded Lino at my house on my studio piano and the Alexander Quartet in Knuth Hall at San Francisco State University. The recordings were supervised by my producer Jason Rovou and my director Scott Brown, who flew up from SoCal to supervise a locally hired recording crew. Total pros, all. I’ve posted a few photos below of the Alexander String Quartet in action; I’ll post a few pix of Lino Rivera’s recording session in a few days. The programs themselves will be on-line at OraTV and on Hulu within a few weeks. I will keep you posted re: when and where. Tomorrow will be a most exciting day. In preparation for joining […]

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OraTV Day One Report

First the good news. Today’s recording session at Ora TV was a portrait in smooth. The crew is slick as snail slime on a bowling alley and incredibly easy to work with. I am working in front of a green screen (see below), which will allow my producer Jason Rovou (who was kind enough to take the pictures below) to superimpose virtually anything behind me. It will be fascinating to see what he comes up with. We have one more day of shooting (tomorrow), and then the episodes will be in the hands of Jason and the production crew. The bad news: ah, show biz. Larry King ran late today and thus we did not have a chance to record my segment. Boo-hoo for me: all dressed up (in a tie and jacket, no less!) and no place to go. I will return sometime later this spring, before the release of my shows, in order to record the segment. I look forward to it.

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The OraTV adventure begins

Yesterday I headed off to the OraTV studios in Southern California to record 15 episodes of what I hope will be an ongoing show, “Conspiracies, Peccadilloes, and Dirty Little Secrets! Fun and Games with the Great Composers”. As the show’s title rather breathlessly indicates, each episode focuses on a conspiracy, or a peccadillo, or a dirty little secret from the life of a composer. As part of the process, I’m slated to appear on the Larry King show this morning. King is a co-founder of OraTV, which “broadcasts” directly to your computer (or digital device) from its website. I will let you all know when the Larry King segment is scheduled to appear and, of course, when “Conspiracies, Peccadilloes, and Dirty Little Secrets . . .” makes its debut.

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