Robert Greenberg

Historian, Composer, Pianist, Speaker, Author

Robert Greenberg with Larry King and William Shatner

Robert Greenberg discusses his new OraTV show “Scandalous Overtures” on Larry King‘s “King’s Things” and William Shatner‘s “Brown Bag Wine Tasting.” Watch both of the interviews with these highly engaging hosts below:

King’s Things:

Brown Bag Wine Tasting:

Scandalous Overtures


  1. Frederic Patenaude

    Loved the clips! Especially your answer to Larry King’s question: will the Beatles be played in 300 years? We forget that we see the world through our modern eyes. What events will shape human destiny in 300 years, we will unfortunately never know…

    I’m a recent convert to your Great Courses. Since October, I’ve already gone through Life of Mozart, Life of Beethoven, Life of Brahms, Wagner, Opera, Understand Music, Chamber Music of Mozart, and currently listening to the Bach. I can’t tell you how much this has improved my life! I studied music intensively for three years in my early twenties, but gave up on the dream of the late prodigy, to pursue a career in marketing. No regrets there, but bringing music appreciation back to my life has been tremendously rewarding.

  2. Both interviews were excellent and downright entertaining. Larry King and William Shatner are both great interviewers, but Robert Greenberg is a STAR!!