Robert Greenberg

Historian, Composer, Pianist, Speaker, Author


Robert Greenberg - The Making of a Course - Part SevenDr. Greenberg has spoken extensively for both musical performance organizations and business organizations for over twenty years. He has created and delivered hundreds of talks for music performance organizations that focus on repertoire specific to those organizations. He has also created a series of stand-alone programs for institutions and businesses that use music as a metaphor for such critical issues as creativity, adaptability, leadership, teamwork, and globalization.

Whatever the topic and whomever the audience, Greenberg’s talks are informed by two basic beliefs. The first is that (pretty much) all music is (pretty much) accessible to all people. (Clearly, Greenberg has hedged a bit here, but only a bit.) The point: all music – whenever it was created, wherever it was created – has something special, even unique, to tell us about ourselves.

Greenberg’s second basic belief is that context – historical, social, spiritual, and economic – is the key to understanding the musical substance and expressive content of any music. A composer’s life and times are the essential grist for his/her creative mill, and therefore are explored as element intrinsic to the music itself.

Greenberg will customize pre-existing talks or create entirely new programs depending upon the needs and requirements of the client. A number of selected presentation topics and descriptions follow. For more information please contact Dr. Greenberg.

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