Robert Greenberg

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The OraTV adventure begins

Yesterday I headed off to the OraTV studios in Southern California to record 15 episodes of what I hope will be an ongoing show, “Conspiracies, Peccadilloes, and Dirty Little Secrets! Fun and Games with the Great Composers”. As the show’s title rather breathlessly indicates, each episode focuses on a conspiracy, or a peccadillo, or a dirty little secret from the life of a composer. As part of the process, I’m slated to appear on the Larry King show this morning. King is a co-founder of OraTV, which “broadcasts” directly to your computer (or digital device) from its website. I will let you all know when the Larry King segment is scheduled to appear and, of course, when “Conspiracies, Peccadilloes, and Dirty Little Secrets . . .” makes its debut.