Robert Greenberg

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Vote for Your Favorite Title

Many thanks to everyone who proposed a title for my upcoming Great Courses survey that features musical works inspired by historical events. With the greatest of difficulty, I have managed to reduce the number of potential titles to eleven; fewer than the number of Republicans currently seeking the presidential nomination, but still a big number. But that, my friends, is a function of the quality of the titles you came up with. Our next job, then, is to vote (and I meant that by saying “our next job”, as I am going to submit my vote along with yours). With a little luck (and perhaps some pushing and shoving), the good folks at The Great Courses will accept our vote as binding and the course will so be named!


  1. The Music of the History makes sense for the content of the course !

  2. “Tempo: History’s Soundtrack”

  3. Frederic Patenaude

    “History’s Soundtracks” is very catchy.