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T-Shirt Comedy

Funny Beethoven T-ShirtI was all ready to post a longish blog this evening, describing my webcast plans and thanking all those whose comments and advice helped me to formulate those plans when, just moments ago, I received this link from Gethin Jones. It is a Beethoven tee-shirt, with – presumably – the first four measures of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony writ large across the bosom.


Except, instead of spelling out Beethoven’s iconic “fate motive” – G-G-G-Eb; F-F-F-D – the genius who designed the shirt instead spelled out “Three Blind Mice” (G-F-Eb).

I am not usually a laugh out-loud sort of guy but this has really tickled my funny bone. It could very well be the biggest musical mistake since Pol Pot’s “Christmas Album”.

Available in nine(!) different colors and six different sizes, I’m thinking that this is the “must have” of the year; the pet rock, the Chia Porcupine, the “Dog is My Co-Pilot” bumpersticker of 2015.

If anyone wants to know, I wear between a large and an X-large.


  1. I’m in the “I don’t read music’ camp, so I would have missed the mistake had you not shared this. I’m still chuckling.

  2. Marilyn Saxon Pipkin

    I simply must have one!

  3. I think it should be re-branded as a Schenkerian analysis shirt…