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Robert Greenberg Joins Cole Cuchna on the Break It Down Show

Robert Greenberg joins Cole Cuchna of the Dissect Podcast on the Break It Down Show. Part One Part Two Related Courses

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Music History Monday: The Break It Down Show

April 16 is one of those dates during which pretty much nothing of interest happened by way of music history. Now please, that’s not to say that nothing happened on this date. For example, on April 16, 1954, Roy Orbison attended an Elvis Presley show in Dallas Texas. Wow. On April 16, 1983, Kirk Hammett played his first show with Metallica in Dover, New Jersey. Whoa. And on April 16, 1996, KISS announced a reunion tour with makeup; be still our hearts. (Or did they makeup in order to announce a reunion tour? Inquiring minds.) Noteworthy though they may be, I will be forgiven for choosing not to write 1100 words about any of these events. Instead, I want to take this opportunity to tell you about an awesome musical podcast called “The Break It Down Show” (established in 2012; 250-plus shows to date) and the two fascinating renaissance dudes who created it, host it, and produce it: in alphabetical order, Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete Turner. The mission statement for “The Break It Down Show” is simple: “To tell stories of interesting people doing fascinating things, with the intention of enriching the lives of all concerned.” That’s a pretty […]

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Robert Greenberg Returns to the Break It Down Show

The Break It Down Show hosts Robert Greenberg after the recent launch of the new The Great Courses series “Music as a Mirror of History”:

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Talking “Improvising” with the Break It Down Show

I recently joined the “Break It Down Show” podcast to talk about Scandalous Overtures, the Bay Area, technology and why certain artists’ work endures. Listen to the show at the Break It Down Show website! Listen Now!  

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