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On The Torch Live with Ed Leon

As I mentioned in my post of July 1, my next The Great Courses/Teaching company course – “Music as a Mirror of History” – is scheduled for release on Friday, July 22nd. It was recorded in January and February of this year and has been in post-production since.

Since it’s my gob that’s on display throughout the finished course, it is all-too-easy to overlook the role played by the incredible crew of professionals who were tasked with producing the course. Well, overlook them we cannot; it’s an absolute truism in the media and the performing arts that we are only as good as the good people whose job it is to make us look good. My thanks to everyone who was involved with the production and a special call-out to my producer, Jaimee Aigret; my editor, Cat Lyon; and my directors, Jonathan Levin and Jim Allen. Thank you, my friends, for making The Great Courses GREAT.

For anyone with 17 minutes to burn, I did a Google Hangout/Facebook Live interview with my bud Ed Leon of The Great Courses on Friday, July 1, in which we discuss the new course in some detail:


  1. It’s always a great year when one of your new courss is released.

  2. Terry Michael Huud

    I love your courses. You bring such enthusiasm and knowledge to them. I can’t get enough. I must have listened to your Bach/Baroque course several times already. Your a true inspiration Robert. I’ve even added Bach to my piano repertoire (about time too!) 🙂


      The Bach/Baroque course is the one I’d choose if I were stuck on a desert island. It’s a beauty.


    Now that you’ve had a breather, when will you get started on the next one, just kidding. How long does it take to put together the intellectual material before production starts? I know it’s all swirling around in your mind already but it must take a good deal of energy to organize it.

  4. Hello ! I’m totally enjoying your courses–all of them! I”m studying for the DMA qualifying exams and have to drive a lot; now all this car time is useful and intriguing ! Thank you!