Robert Greenberg

Historian, Composer, Pianist, Speaker, Author

Tempus Fugit


The Details

for Piano

  1. Identity Crisis
  2. Fine Motor Skills (Good Vibrations)
  3. Mano e Mano

(2006) (ca. 12’)

Time does fly. It’s a fact made apparent by, among other things, anniversaries. Composers, Inc. turned twenty-five this season, and I for one can hardly believe it. To all the wonderful and dedicated people who have helped Composers, Inc. thrive over the years, and particularly to my dear colleagues – Frank, Jeff, Marty, and Allen – I hope this piece brings a smile.

Tempus Fugit was composed during the fall of 2008. It was written for – and is dedicated to – another dear friend, Lino Rivera. When Lino and I discussed the celebratory nature of the piece I intended to write, he made but one request: that somewhere, somehow, it contain a fugue (for no other reason than Lino likes fugues). Thus the third and final part of the piece begins with a fugue, which itself in based on materials from the first part, blah blah blah. The title is thus a slightly strained double entendre, as the word “fugue” comes from the same root as the word “fugit”: the Latin “fugio”, which means “to flee”. I trust no one will actually do so before the end of the piece.