Robert Greenberg

Historian, Composer, Pianist, Speaker, Author Sponsor Since 2015

I’ve often wondered what our clothing would look like if, like racecar drivers, we all wore emblems of sponsorship. Some of us would have more such patches than others, although I would hope that we’d all have a patch acknowledging our parents (“Mom. Dad. Since 1954.”); a favorite teacher or coach (“Teached me wat I know!”); perhaps our places of business (“Self-Employed & Lovin’ It”).

To these patches I – personally – will now add a big one: “ Sponsor Since 2015”. Yes indeed, Audible has taken on the sponsorship of “Scandalous Overtures” and I couldn’t be more pleased. Since the great majority of the 26 courses I’ve made for The Great Courses are available on Audible, this sponsorship is perfect, as in one fell swoop (swell foop?) it promotes my two favorite media organizations, Ora TV and The Great Courses.

I wrote and recorded some 16 Audible ads last week. Check out the one below, which features a FREE (such a lovely and, when it comes to worthwhile stuff, underused word) audiobook promotion.



  1. Mary Jo Campbell

    This is wonderful! I have been a fan of Prof. Greenberg since the mid-90’s. He is brilliant, witty and a true born teacher. What great news!