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The Making of a Course – Part Four

Greenberg: The Making of a Course - Part 4

Generally speaking, when you’re self-employed – as I am – the concept of “weekend” doesn’t mean a whole lot. Saturdays and Sundays are work days like any other; deadlines and the whip-hand of my merciless boss make it so. But every now and then there are exceptions, and this weekend is one of them.

TGIS – thank god it’s Saturday. After two full days of recording while simultaneously experiencing more rhino-discharge than I care to describe, I am pleased-as-punch to have a couple of days off.

Head cold aside, the first third of the course is in the can and it is going swimmingly. As is always the case, a successful production is a team effort, and much of the credit must go to the amazing team of professionals whose job is to make me look good. And while I am not at liberty to discuss The Great Courses team in detail, I would suggest that a look at the credits of any TV show will give an idea of the size of the team: from executive production staff and producer to editors and director to sound techs and camera operators, etc., it takes a village to make a course. I never cease to be amazed by how smoothly things go once the cameras start rolling, though in truth there is nothing “amazing” about it: we’ve all been preparing for months, and the actual recording is but another step in a carefully orchestrated proces