Robert Greenberg

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Dude ‘Tudes (Angelova)

“Dude ‘Tudes – Six Short Etudes on a Short Subject: Samuel Mark Greenberg (age 22 months)” was completed in December of 1991. The designation “‘tudes” of the title has a dual meaning, referring as it does to the study (“etude”) nature of the movements and to the fact that, at a year and three-quarters, Samuel Mark was a dude with most definite attitude. The six ‘tudes each offer a brief commentary on one or another aspects of his personality. They are:

  1. Orneriness/Contrary Motion
  2. Building Blocks/Chords ‘n’ Stuff
  3. Dreams of Play/Trills and Tremolos
  4. Dancin’ Fool/Quarter-Minute Waltz
  5. Angel’s Hair/Legato
  6. Cruisin’ With The Dude/ Octaves-R-Us

“Dude ‘Tudes” is dedicated, with great respect and affection, to Robert Helps.

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