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Celebrating ZOFO’s 10th Anniversary

On this past September 15, the amazing/killer/epic-fine piano duo ZOFO (“20-Fingered-Orchrestra) celebrated it’s tenth anniversary. (My Dr. Bob Prescribes post of March 5, 2019 was an undisguised fan-boy paean to this wonderful “ensemble”; it can be read on my Patreon subscription page.)

ZOFO — meaning the pianists Keisuke Nakagoshi and Eva-Maria Zimmermann — celebrated their anniversary appropriately, by giving a concert at the same venue in which they performed their premiere on September 15, 2009: on Old First Concerts at Old First Church in San Francisco. I was honored to be represented on that concert by a piece called Exercised, which I composed for ZOFO back in 2018 and which they premiered last April. For your viewing and listening pleasure, a video link to their anniversary performance sits atop this post. On my Patreon channel, I have provided a program note for the work as well as the full score.

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